June 30, 2015

  • Basement Sill and Door Threshold Repair

    First of all, a big thank you to Brian Berryessa for the use of a saber saw and some technical muscle. After removing the trim around our basement door, I knew I was in this way over my head. The old sill had rotted to the point it was breeding worms that would crawl straight through and into the house every night. I end up vacuuming desiccated worms and trails each morning. YUCH!

    Brian came to the rescue with the saw. Rather than remove the whole door assembly, we cut the existing threshold in half to remove it. Now the exposed sill could be worried out. It was made of about four pieces of cedar.

    The exposed foundation had a half inch concrete lip running parallel to the door. I was able to chisel it out clearing the way for a single 2x10 to fit in place.

    I cut the 2x10 in half so it slipped under the existing jambs. After a dry fit, the foundation got a healthy dose of caulk. I calked the joint where I cut the 2x10 and hammered them into place. The second piece got a temporary 2x4 screwed onto it so I could hammer it in. Tight fit but I got it done.

    This job tested the limits of my home repair abilities. I still need to hammer the trim back on and hit it with a coat of paint. So far, so good.

    A second thank you to Étienne.
    Door_04 Door_33
    Rexterton 2000 kept watch during my work.

June 28, 2015


    Ballard High School had their BNAAN on June 8th. (Beaver Nation Athletic Awards Night). It was a lot of fun and we all got to dress up.
    At the event, My cross country team was presented a banner for making it to state. This is the first time Ballard Girls Cross Country has made it to state EVER.
    I was nominated for the Female rookie of the year award. I did not win however it was great to be recognized.
    Fellow track and Cross country runner Owen Buck did win male rookie of the year. This year he broke the school record in the 400 meter 5 times! Also he was presented his award by the previous record holder.
    All in all this was a great night where everyone got to recognize other teams achievements this year and I got to see a lot of friends. We all dressed up and had dessert!

June 14, 2015

  • Copper River Salmon

    Last week I broke down a whole copper river salmon. I grilled one fillet for dinner. The other is curing in salt, sugar, and dill to become Gravlax for our cocktail party.
    Each year I get a little better breaking down the salmon. At $9/pound it is hard to pass up. These are fresh caught and treated with TLC on the way to market.

May 31, 2015

  • Ballard Fiddlers

    This weekend we are hosting two middle school girls from Japan, courtesy of Carlton's middle school Japanese class. Since they are young, they stay with their host families in pairs, and we only have them Friday night through Monday morning. Kanon (in blue) and Yuzuki (in pink) are in front on the far right.

    As it turns out, Friday night was Veronica's Fiddle Showcase at the new performing arts venue in our neighborhood, Ballard Homestead.
    Fiddle Showcase

    Veronica is in the Ballard Fiddlers, and her orchestra teacher Ms Newell is the fiddler/singer for the Barn Owls. The evening started with Rachel Nesvig on the Hardanger fiddle, a traditional Norwegian folk instrument.

    After that it was all American folk music. Brittany Newell is the orchestra teacher at Ballard High School, and also lead fiddler/singer for the Barn Owls.

    After their set, Ms Newell introduced the Ballard HS Fiddlers.
    15May_48913 15May_48912

    15May_48919 15May_48921

    Veronica had a solo on Low and Lonely!

    The evening ended with a square dance with music from the Ballard Fiddlers and the Barn Owls, hosted by the Seattle Subversive Squaredance Society.

    Saturday morning, we toured a bunch of Seattle sites but not before a visit from the Japanese teachers and chaperons. We gave them a tour of the house and room the girls are staying in. Then we posed for a quick picture before sending the group to a second home visit.

    On our way to the first sightseeing stop, we experienced the Ballard Draw Bridge in action. I took a moment for another photo op.

    After that I parked a block away from Kerry Park. I love all the Ahs and Ohs as we walk past the last hedge and get that first glimpse of the famous Seattle Skyline view from Kerry Park.
    15May_48950 15May_48958
    It was a short walk to Marshall Park for a view of the cruise ship terminal with the Crown Princess and Westerdam in port.

    Gasworks Park offered another classic view of Seattle and Lake Union.
    15May_48977 15May_48982

    15May_48981 15May_48980
    We were treated to a beautiful wooden cabin cruiser, romantic rowboat, and kayak. What a beautiful day in Seattle.

    Our next stop showed the Ducks getting in and out of the waters of Lake Union. One broke down at the ramp but a quick fix put all the tourists back on for a lake adventure.

    By now we walked off the breakfast of pancakes with blueberry compote so a stop at Ivars for fish, clam strips, and chowder fueled us for a few more sights.

    The Chittenden Locks were very busy this sunny weekend. The blue heron chicks filled the trees and birders served birthday cake. This has been one of the largest hatches in recent years and indicate a clean healthy environment for the birds.

    I can't believe I did not take a single picture of the lock operation. We did get to see the railroad bridge open for a sailboat. The jet skis and paddle board lined up for the lock to get from the Puget Sound to Lake Union. What fun!
    15May_48989 15May_48991

    15May_48992 15May_49000

    We finished the day with an all American chicken dinner. I demonstrated the intricacies of fried chicken. Kanon and Yuzuki made a beautiful crust for the strawberry rhubarb pie. Look mom and dad back in Japan, your girls can bake! The rhubarb came from our garden and made a most delicious pie.
    15May_49009 15May_49017

    15May_49002 15May_49023
    What is dinner without one more food picture.

May 25, 2015

  • Alki Beach Ride

    Memorial Day, we decided to ride the bikes to Alki Beach. Veronica stayed home to work on homework, but Steve and I and the boys joined our friends Ryan & Erin with their two boys. Malcolm rode in the trailer, but Gareth and Étienne rode the 32 miles round-trip on their singles.

    We crossed the Ship Canal at the Ballard Locks. Crazy amount of boat traffic for the holiday weekend, they were filling the large lock. These boats are coming from the Sound into Lake Union.
    15May_48878 15May_48894

    Riding along the train tracks at Interbay, look what we saw waiting on a siding! These 737 fuselages were built at Spirit (previously Boeing Commercial) in Wichita and shipped by train to Seattle. I often saw these trains awaiting shipment behind the buildings in Wichita.

    Riding along the Elliot Bay waterfront, we could see the Space Needle with the flag at half-mast for Memorial Day. Pier 86 grain terminal is in the foreground, we rode past it.

    We made it to Alki Beach and had lunch at the hamburger place Carl has been telling me about for the past two months. He had "the most awesome" Hangover Burger, which features French fries and a fried egg.

    We let the boys enjoy some time digging in the sand of Alki Beach, then rode back north home to Ballard. We stopped & took a photo with Gareth, Carl, Étienne and Steve once the Space Needle came in view.
    15May_48884 15May_48886

    Riding back north along Elliot Bay, we could see the Polar Pioneer which is the controversial drilling rig, and ferries crossing.
    15May_48890 15May_48891

    Living at the top of Ballard we have an uphill climb home, but it was a great ride!

April 14, 2015

  • Star Wars Costumes

    Second day of Spring Break and I took the day off from work. We opted to go to the EMP museum to see the Star Wars costume exhibit. I had been wanting to go to the EMP for awhile, and was waiting for a great exhibit. When the signs went up for the Star Wars exhibit last fall, I knew we had to see it.

    The EMP is at the Seattle Center (also home of the Space Needle), and this morning was a beautiful sunny blue sky day as the kids and I crossed the street from the parking lot.
    15April_46701 15April_46702

    I bought tickets, and Steve stuck his admission ticket sticker on his nose.
    15April_46704 15April_46705

    Redpath children... I am your father.

    I loved Han Solo's costume, and had Steve take a photo if we want to build one for Étienne one day (Carl is much more of a Jedi.) There was a note from Harrison Ford noting that the original costume approved by George Lucas had a huge "Peter Pan" style collar on it. Harrison ix-nayed the collar and George never noticed.

    Veronica wants Padmé's Chancellor's office gown.
    15April_46707 15April_46712

    There are many other exhibits at EMP. I particularly liked the Fantasy exhibit, which included Princess Buttercup's wedding gown from The Princess Bride. The kids insisted on going through the horror movie exhibit, then complained that it was too scary. They did enjoy the Scary Shadows.
    15April_46713 15April_46715

    We also went through the Science Fiction, Nirvana, and Indie Video Games exhibits and enjoyed touring the museum on an uncrowded day. Great second day of Spring Break!

April 13, 2015

  • Seattle Aquarium

    Today is the first day of Spring Break for Seattle Public Schools. Past experience tells me I must make an effort to get out and do things or else I sit around like a couch potato. Last week I announced to my friends that I plan to ride our bicycles to the Aquarium this Monday and finally use one of my discount coupons. I watched the weather closely and sure enough it rained. We set out at 9:30 for the 8 mile trek to the aquarium.


    Veronica rode my Cannondale, Étienne rode the Trek mountain bike with slicks, Carl and I rode the tandem. The ride down was slow but uneventful.

    It really is a great aquarium. The first exhibit, as you enter, is a floor to ceiling tank with local sea life.

    15April_46630 15April_46631
    The tide pool interactive exhibits offer hands on examination of several species. The kids could have spent the whole day here.

    15April_46636 15April_46635
    Étienne loved the jellies. Aquariums figured out how to display these creatures that live in the dark, must continuously move, and will congregate in in any corners. I have seen several exhibits and the Seattle Aquarium has the best with this walk through tunnel.

    15April_46637 15April_46638 15April_46644
    I am loving my 10-20 mm lens. The kids could get up close and personal, in the dark, and I get the photo!

    15April_46642 15April_46650 15April_46659
    The aquatic mammals stole the show. These otters and harbor seals entertained us with jumps and curious looks through the glass. The staff feed the seals and had them trained to allow the brushing of teeth, inspections of flippers, and full body examinations for cuts, scrapes, and injuries. My kudos go out to the Seattle aquarium.

    15April_46633 15April_46693 15April_46669
    Cari gave a great narrative during Ink's feeding. Ink is famous on YouTube when he crawled up this tank and made an escape attempt. Try the following key words on a YouTube search to see the action: "ink seattle aquarium". Enjoy.

    15April_46691 15April_46670 15April_46683
    While Cari narrated, Peg stuck shrimp "restaurant quality" on the end of a long stick to feed Ink. The kids enjoyed the show. It turns out that Ink was very hungry today. He made a quick snatch of the stick, flaring his body to envelope the shrimp and work it to his beak. The shrimp "restaurant quality" residue on the stick excited Ink and he would not let go. It took two more shrimp "restaurant quality" and of course sustainability fished, to distract Ink and retrieve the sticks. Good job Peg!

    This was a great adventure. I knew we had a Personal Record riding the bikes "down" from Ballard. Now, with a 2:30 deadline to get Veronica to track practice, we had to avoid another PR for the return. I coached Étienne into my draft to keep warm in the light rain, and use his gears to maintain speed. We made it home much faster and got Veronica to track on time. Thank you family for a most terrific first day of Spring Break!

April 6, 2015

  • Easter

    We have been so busy, it's been awhile since the last blog post! Holy Week was also very busy, we had a visit from SIL Erin and nieces Charlotte & Meghan. That afternoon was a Kansas-like storm, with thunder, lightning, and pea-sized hail... we must have had half an inch!
    15March_45885 15March_45890

    Veronica was acolyte on Good Friday, then Saturday was very busy. Étienne had his musical practice in the morning, so he was not able to go to the Loyal Heights egg hunt. :-( I did manage to finish the Easter garland I have been working on, and we dyed eggs that afternoon.
    15April_46262 15April_46258

    Ballard First Lutheran has an Easter Vigil, which I always enjoy, complete with the new Easter bonfire in the courtyard and candlelight processional into the dark church. I had volunteered our family to do a skit for the lessons part of the service, and we did the story of Jonah with Carl playing Jonah and Étienne playing God. There was strawberry shortcake, sparkling juice & champagne after the service!

    Since Carl is in middle school now, he gets to help with the Easter breakfast Sunday morning. The service started with the Sunday School children singing. Veronica declined to acolyte because she did not want to wear a robe over her new dress!
    15April_46265 15April_46266

    Happy Easter!

March 21, 2015

  • Happy Birthday Bach

    Written by Veronica:

    After a cloudy and rainy morning at track practice it finally cleared up around noon and Dad and I rode our bikes over to Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church. Today is Bach's 330th birthday and in honor of it the Seattle Violoncello Society hosted the Bach Suite Marathon at Phinney Ridge. One by one, cellists went up and played a movement from Bach's Six Suites for Solo Violoncello. Dad and I stayed for Suite #2 in D minor and Suite #5 in C minor.

    All of the cellists have hard cases for their cellos in a variety of colors. I told Dad that all of the REAL cellists have one so I need to get one too.

    My cello teacher, Chuck Jacot, performed the Sarabande and the Gavottes from Suite #5 in C minor.

    Good job to all the cellists who performed!

  • HIMS Band Concert

    Thursday was the second band concert at HIMS. Carl practiced hard and made first chair!

    HIMSBand3_19_p1 HIMSBand3_19_p2
    The evening program.

    There were four groups and each played two pieces.

    15March_45422_crop 15March_45428 15March_45437_crop
    Carl looks sharp in his tux shirt and bow tie. That is a genuine smile from our musician.

    Tonight, Étienne and cousin Jane joined us. Veronica was off at her first track meet. It is nice to hear the hours of practice pay off with a beautiful concert.

    The following night, Friday, Carl attended his first school dance. We have not taken any dance lessons but I do try to listen to great dance music. Sure enough, Carl said they played a particular song I have been talking about. At my first middle school dance, the band played a little Bachman-Turner Overdrive (BTO) "Takin' Care Of Business"! Glad to hear today's kids are well versed in good music.