March 30, 2014

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Loyal Heights Elementary had their musical this weekend. This year Étienne was cast as a Royal Cardsman, and Carl was on the production crew. They both have been working very hard since Christmas break. Unfortunately Étienne woke up this morning with a stomach bug, and after agonizing about it for several hours we decided we couldn’t take the risk of him up-chucking onstage, so we called the director and she was able to get another student to fill in. As I write this his stomach is still upset, and he has a 100 degree fever, so I think we made the right choice. :-/

    Carl, Veronica, and I went to see the show so we saw what Étienne would have done. Steve and the little Frenchman stayed home on the couch.

    The photos in the program were hard to see, but they had full-size photos in the lobby so I took photos. Production crew, with arrow pointing to Carl:

    Royal Cardsmen, with Étienne:

    Next year we will be putting Étienne in a sterile bubble a week before the show!

March 26, 2014

  • Before and After

    Veronica had an orthodontist appointment today… do you see the difference?


    She is looking forward to eating caramel apples again!

March 9, 2014

  • Knitting and Tea

    After blessing the fleet, we got to work knitting hats and scarves for Compass Housing Alliance.
    Our group of 8 set to work knitting and crocheting. Since December, this group accepted the challenge from Ballard First Lutheran’s Outreach committee to knit and donate warm clothing for those in need in Seattle. Of course we can have fun and fellowship along the way:
    14March_38853 14March_38851
    Nourishment included cucumber sandwiches with watercress mayonnaise, smoked salmon sandwiches, banana cupcakes, meringues, scotch “quail” eggs, three types of tea, and pictured on the right, meyer lemon tarts.

    All that fellowship produced a rainbow of hats and scarves. Thank You BFL.

  • Blessing of the Fleet 2014

    Once again Ballard hosted the Blessing of the Fleet. This year we all attended and Jane joined us.
    14March_38842 14March_38817
    There was a great turn out, even the media joined the celebration. The sun warmed the crowd and Pr. Erik enjoyed squinting over the cooler blessings of past years.

    BOF_p1 BOF_p2 BOF_p3 BOF_p4
    Click on any page of the bulletin to enlarge.

    This year Pr. Laurie gave the homily. The fishing vessel Quandary had the honor of representing the fleet.

    14March_38839 14March_38846
    Here is the presentation of the Christ Pennant. The Quandary will fly the pennant throughout its voyage. The state also issued a resolution:
    We wish the fleet good fishing and pray all crew return safely.

March 3, 2014

  • King Cake

    Post by Veronica: Even though Carlton found the baby last time I was tasked with making yet another king cake this year. this time I got to make the cake too. My best friend Izzy helped me make the dough and then I built the cake and baked it. Later the following day I iced it and put sugar on top. I also got to put the baby in the cake when no one was around! Good luck finding it this year Carl!

  • Whitman Musical

    Another year, another middle school musical. This year Veronica has TWO parts.

    Dracula_1 Dracula_2

    Is this the result of over acting?

February 27, 2014

  • Happy Birthday, Carl!

    Today is Carl’s 11th birthday. Which means it’s been almost 11 years since we left Huntington Beach for Wichita…

    Tomorrow Carl is having a mega-Minecraft sleepover! Tonight, we are having prime rib for dinner and a lemon birthday cake.

    Traditional mother-son birthday photo:

February 23, 2014

  • Veronica’s new skirt!

    This entry written by Veronica:

    After three different trips to Jane’s house I finally finished making this skirt. I made 100% of it. Jane fixed the machine when it got stuck and gave me much needed advice. Thank you Jane! This is my second sewing project, the first being the quilt I made with Kyle. I hope you see this Kyle and get well soon!

February 10, 2014

  • Victoria BC

    On Friday Judy and I took a three day trip to Victoria BC aboard the high speed Victoria Clipper. We parked the car and downtown Seattle and spent three days walking the streets of Victoria.

    This was not the Tijuana of SoCal! Sure we needed passports and processed through customs as we disembarked the ferry. Canada redesigned their currency a few years ago and the new bills have a clear panel with holograms. Very pretty. Cash was easy, I just hit an ATM at a close by 7-11 for Canada dollars. Credit cards are seamless with a 1.7% foreign transaction fee.

    Vict001 Vict012
    This is the view from our hotel balcony. On the right is the Clipper in the background.

    The Clipper schedule is designed to accommodate day trips. We arrived at 10:30 AM and the ship was docked until about 5:30 PM if you want to return the same day.

    Vict020 Vict007 Vict018
    The BC Legislature Building sits right next to our hotel. The fountains ice over in the winter creating beautiful sculptures. (click image to enlarge)

    A shout out to my father. Dad and I sold carillons in the late 1970′s for the IT Verdin company.
    Vict028 Vict025
    The Netherlands Carillon contains 62 bells. They played automatically during our trip but can be played by the carillonneur, she would climb the steps to the clavier (keyboard) to play the bells. It gets rather loud sitting just below the bells.

    We could not visit without an afternoon enjoying tea at the Empress Hotel.
    This landmark hotel frames the boat harbor and provides first class service. We sat at a window just under the Empress name. The tea room occupies that whole area. The front door is off to the left in this picture.

    The Bard and Banker represents the British style pubs at pepper Victoria. This one captured my heart with great beer, scotch, and atmosphere. The interior is designed to look like authentic Scottish pubs.

    Vict042.1 Vict042.2
    My pictures do not do justice to the rich woodwork and warm atmosphere. The mussels were excellent and I loved the tables for two tucked away in every quiet corner. We must return.

    Thank you Jane for hanging with the kids.

January 22, 2014

  • Commuting with Carl

    Today I took Carl for a checkup at Children’s Hospital today. The doctor is 9.25 miles from our house and the terrain is rather flat. I tracked the ride using Strava on my smartphone. You can view it here. We rode the tandem. I picked Carl up from school and we flew down 24th street. With a 7% downgrade I am riding the brakes the whole way. After that the only noteworthy spots are a few intersections and railroad tracks.

    I told Carl there was one slight uphill during the ride. He laughed when he saw the garage entrance at Children’s. It is 6-7% for about a tenth of a mile. The funnest part is the valet parking at the TOP of the drive! I may recommend they move that to the bottom for valet drop off, and leave the pick-up at the top. Now that would be great.