October 21, 2014

  • All Hallows’ Eve Decoration

    Each year we hang a few decorations to celebrate the season. This week Judy got busy after work and got The Burrow PNW in the mood.

    Our front door stoop greets you with a few haunts. We will carve the pumpkins soon.

    Here is the close up. Watch Out!

October 11, 2014

  • Cross Country Étienne

    Today Étienne ran his third cross country meet:

    Flying Feet Cross Country Invitational

    Each meet he is more determined and setting personal records. Todays meet was through the beautiful grounds of Wilburton Hill Park, Bellevue, WA. This setting reminds us all that the Seattle metropolitan area is labeled The Emerald City. The lush green grassy fields framed deep woods and manicured sports fields. A true delight for all the runners and spectators.

    Étienne cheers on the 6 and under race before his.

    14October_42410 14October_42417
    The start and climb located at about 1k into the race. The runners make a loop and climb this hill twice.

    14October_42424 14October_42423 14October_42422
    These three are to be read right to left. Étienne approaches the final turn, runs the home stretch, and crosses the finish line.

    Étienne place in the final points position, we are all very proud of his achievement.

  • Carl Goes Sailing

    We have a three day weekend and Carl got an invite to sail with our good friends the Weinerts. Dylan is a classmate from last year but attends a different middle school this year. During this three day cruise, the father sent me a few posts:
    The adventure began with a proper barefoot cruise. A romp through the forest soon followed.

    FOT1C5F FOT8C0D FOT3179
    The left picture is my clear favorite. That must be the sailboat in the background. That picture says to me, “Fun with My Friend”. Thank you Weinert family, I cant believe Dylan’s mom took on a three day cruise with five boys.

August 24, 2014

  • Mudatation

    Carl explains what is really going on in the picture below. The counselor, Gabe, saw the photo lady approaching and gathered up Carl and Jack (Jack is on the left in the picture) for this quick pose. “Carl, Jack, quick, lets muditate!!” As it turns out, Carl was not thinking of a perfectly cooked bone in rib eye. He tells me that giant lollipops were on his mind.

    After the mud-fest, the campers normally jump into the Sound to wash off. On this day, the kids were about to hit the showers instead. The counselors said, “No way, you will clog the drain with mud!” So the staff set to washing the group with a hose. After much complaining and bitter cold, the group finally hit the showers and clogged the drains with mud.

    Today I must have cleaned a teaspoon of soil from each ear of the boys. I felt bad digging out dirt and rocks with a cotton swab but there was just so much! Perhaps after a week of tub soaks and showers we will get the dirt out. At least the odor does not make my eyes water anymore.

    We love having the boys home again.

August 23, 2014

  • Clean Shirt Saga Continues

    Carl takes the clean shirt request to a new level.
    At Orkila, the campers get one day in the mud before jumping into the sound to wash off. I fear that may be the boy’s only cleaning. It is my expert opinion, Carl is the one on the right. He is meditating the religious attributes of a 16 ounce ribeye.

    Mud Mud-crop
    I left this picture at full resolution so you can expand it to find Carl. I think this mud is therapeutic, much like a mask you may get at a beauty salon. Carl will return two years younger…does this mean we get to relive the past couple years?!

    Here is Étienne after his day of mud. Now we see why he removed the shirt on mud day. He wants to impress mom with his forethought and ability to keep his blue shirt clean!

    Today the boys finally come home. Judy is already fuming with the possibility that Étienne will still be wearing the blue shirt we put on him one week ago. We both dread the odor they may come home with. We stocked up on bubble bath and soft scrub to clean the inevitable bathtub ring. I think we may pick them up on the bicycle and throw them in the sound before letting them in the house. Most of all, we look forward to hearing the stories, laughs, and joys they bring home. It is a happy day at the burrow.

August 21, 2014

  • Clean Shirt?

    From Tuesday, we find Étienne is NOT wearing a dirty shirt! Kudos to you Étienne,
    Etie_Shirt Etie_Shirt2
    In reality, I think he took off his shirt, that he has been wearing since Saturday, to keep it clean so that he can put it back on after this romp in the mud. That’s my Étienne, thinking ahead!

August 20, 2014

  • Orkila Update

    Tuesday we catch Étienne playing GaGa Ball.
    csa_0397 csa_0387
    The rules are simple and Carl tells us it is the most fun. Players must use their hand only to hit the ball trying to knock out competitors like dodge-ball. The boys usually end play with very dirty hands, torn pants, dirt covered shoes, and a giant smile.

    Later in the day Étienne is painting something.
    csa_0418 csa_0412
    All we get are the pictures on Smugmug, no captions or descriptions. I look forward to quizzing Étienne about this activity when he returns home. Most interesting will be his explanation as to why he is wearing the same shirt he wore Saturday! Caught-Ya!!

August 19, 2014

  • Goodbye Shoichi

    On Sunday, August 3, we said goodbye to our Japanese student. Before leaving, we did get Shoichi out on the water.
    We spent lunch on Grant’s sailboat docked in Shilshole. Carl took Shoichi out on the dinghy for a short tour of the marina. Grant is prepping the boat for a week long sailing trip with his family. Today a new stove and navigation systems were getting installed.

    We hit the store on the way home and fit this grill into the back of the car with the three boys squeezed into the middle row. Shoichi helped me assemble the new unit. Thank you Shoichi.

    Now we are off to return Shoichi and pick up Veronica from Kenmore Air, Lake Washington.

  • Jane and Veronica visit Victoria

    On Friday August 1, Jane stopped by to pick up Veronica for the weekend. What Veronica did not know was that they were flying Kenmore Air from Lake Washington to Victoria BC. Yes, we let Jane take Veronica out of the country on a water plane! I can only imagine the look on Veronica’s face when they pulled up to the air terminal and checked in. Kenmore flies both turboprop and radial engine float planes. It is a noisy but short hop from Seattle to Victoira. The clear and calm weather allowed beautiful views of the surrounding country.

    While there, the girls enjoyed afternoon tea, botanical gardens, and fireworks.

    14August_41320 14August_41245
    On the return trip the girls were the only passengers. Jane sat up front and enjoyed views out the front windscreen. They made a short stop at Lake Union and cleared customs before splashing down at the North end of Lake Washington.


August 17, 2014

  • Cabin Assignments

    Salish: Veronica is happy to have more girls in her group. Last year she was one of only two girls biking. Now she has about a week of sailing the San Juan islands. The weather forecast looks great for the whole week.

    gwinn quinault
    Gwinn and Quinault: For the record, I lived in Gwinn Michigan in the late 1980′s. It is great seeing big smiles on the boys. I can tell they are having a really great time.