August 29, 2015

  • Grandma Nancy Visit

    On Aug 19, Nancy flew out for a visit/cruise. We started with the requesit tour of the Ballard Locks.

    AKCruise_008 AKCruise_005
    We saw the smaller lock in operation. The large salmon filled the fish ladder and we got a great view. Stay tuned for an update from our Alaska Cruise aboard the Norwegian Jewel.

August 13, 2015

  • Orkila Update

    If you have not been following the 1077 pictures on Smugmug, here are the boys.
    Hoh2 IMG_2981 Carl_D3.2 IMG_3030 IMG_2556 EtieArrive FindCarl EtieDay1 IMG_3022 Carl_D3.1

    Click each thumbnail for a larger picture.

August 8, 2015

  • Camp Orkila Day 1

    This morning I dropped the boys off. They catch a luxury bus in Shoreline and get a ride to the ferry and Orcas Island.

    15Aug_50030 15Aug_50034
    This was the only smile. the rest of the time they barely acknowledged their surroundings. Watch Smugmug for photo updates!

    Hoh San Juan
    Smugmug is live. Here are the boys in their camp groups. Étienne is in the front row far left in the Hoh Cabin photo, and Carlton is front row second from left in San Juan Cabin. We are tracking their shirts and watch everyday for new/clean shirts.

  • Merry Wives of Windsor

    Veronica rehearsed the past two weeks for the roll of Sir John Falstaff in William Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. This is her second class with the Taproot Theater. The staff specifically asked her to play Falstaff. Not her first choice, she jumped in with both feet and embraced the large greasy womanizer character. This production set the town of Windsor in Las Vegas...

    WWndsr_14 WWndsr_16
    On the warm stage, she complained of wearing the large heavy costume. My 14 year old daughter with five o'clock shadow proved quite the shock. She learned the lines early on and concentrated on the intonation and staging.

    Be sure to ask Veronica about the adventures of hiding in a laundry basket! Great show Veronica, thank you.

    Here is her opening scene:

August 2, 2015

  • Steak Dinner and Nyer Urness with Kazuya

    Last night Kazuya helped cook dinner. We threw together a pie crust and harvested rhubarb from the back yard.
    15July_49883 15July_49886 15July_49891 15July_49893 15July_49894
    Kazuya helped pick the rhubarb and make the pie. With his help, this was one of the best rhubarb pies we ever made. Thank you Kazuya.

    While the pie baked, we built a shed. The pieces were labeled and all we had to do was get them together in the proper order. Without instructions, the boys did a great job. Thank you Kazuya

    15July_49896 15July_49899 15July_49906 15July_49922 15July_49924 15July_49926
    Later Saturday we (Kazuya) grilled ribeye and tenderloin steaks. Veronica, my cross country runner, fell in love with grilled tenderloin with clarified butter at Ruth's Chris Steak house. Something about that tender beef smothered in butter hits the right spot. We also served beautiful tomatoes with blue cheese to round out the meal. Thank you Kazuya

    15July_49932 15July_49936 15July_49939
    Today Kazuya helped cook for 80 at a homeless shelter. We chopped fruit salad, cooked sloppy joes, and served the residents. This is Veronica, Nich, and Kazuya serving. Thank you Kazuya.

July 26, 2015

  • Kazuya Visit

    Last week we picked up Kazuya. He is a Dokkyo high school student from Japan and is here for two weeks. He attends school during the week for intensive English and gets evenings and weekends with us. We let him have the guest suite in the basement.

    Friday, I took an excursion to participate in the Cascade Night Ride through Seattle. Our tour left Gasworks and stopped on Elliot Bay for a night time fire juggling display. You can see my Strava entry here. I did not take a day of picture of my bike so here it is.
    Our ride finished at Peddler Brewing where they stayed open just for our ride. The beer flowed till 1 PM. Try riding up Ballard (250 ft climb) in the dark with a light drizzle. It was very exciting.

    Today's excursion included a classmate (staying with another host family), Takayama. The seven of us saw the new 747 cargo plane dressed up in Seahawk colors.
    Mr. Redpath, Takayama, Kazuya, Veronica, Carlton, Étienne, and Mrs Redpath

    Here we see the new 747 with the Dreamlifter in the background. This picture was taken from atop the Future of Flight Museum. Inside we got up close and personal with the latest generation of high bypass turbofan. They are really big and use carbon fiber first stage fan blades.

    15July_49792 15July_49793 <a 15July_49803
    Other exhibits included Étienne and Kazuya making a wind tunnel flight, a 747 passenger compartment mock-up, and a bernoulli air flow table. The balls are suspended in air with a small jet of air.

    15July_49798 15July_49797
    The boys are sitting in the cockpit you see on the left. This is an actual 727 cockpit saved from a retiring airplane.

    On the way home we stopped to pick blackberries. It is hard to miss them when they grow everywhere, even on some of the center dividers of major roads.
    15July_49812 15July_49821 15July_49822
    Takayama and Kazuya trying to avoid the many thorns. When we got home I washed the berries and had the boys pick the meat off some grilled chicken. I made chicken salad for lunch.

July 19, 2015

  • 93.2 degrees in Ballard

    We are on day two of warm weather. Today is topping out in the low 90's and the locals are calling it a heat wave. Go Figure. Our yard is in a very small minority with green grass.15July_49720!
    The way I see it, we get double benefits!

July 16, 2015

  • Ballard Seafood Fest

    On July 11th, we headed downtown for the Ballard Seafood Fest. Veronica was visiting Cousin Jane so Judy and three boys walked down for the festivities. Streets closed to traffic and venders set up stalls along Market all the way to Ballard Ave.

    Carl found a pig roast!

    15July_49658 15July_49659
    Seattle PD displayed their Urban Assault Vehicle and several robots.

    Other activities included local businesses like Swedish Medical, Insurance companies, even a Metro Bus. Judy and the boys filled out a survey at the Geico booth and walked away with a key chain dongle. Later we happened upon a juggler about to start his act. This was the point where the juggler said he was going to attempt to jump into the lasso while twirling it, and an excellent child heckler yelled, "Light it on fire!"

    Broccoli Man put on a good show. The finale involved juggling a small child. It was no coincidence he set up a block away from Swedish Hospital.

    After all that fun, we had to try the food vendors.
    15July_49667 15July_49668 15July_49669
    Carl chowed down on a sausage and kraut roll. Étienne chose the classic corn dog. I am always looking for great pickled herring in this Norwegian community and found this herring sandwich.

    A great day in Ballard. The City of Seattle is promoting more street closings to promote non-motor vehicle activities. Several streets in Downtown Seattle will become pedestrian walkways for a day this summer. My neighbor has a permit to close his residential street for three hours once a week allowing the kids to play in the street. Yesterday, his "Play Street" attracted kids from several blocks away. Just one more example of the Emerald City enjoying this great weather.

June 30, 2015

  • Basement Sill and Door Threshold Repair

    First of all, a big thank you to Brian Berryessa for the use of a saber saw and some technical muscle. After removing the trim around our basement door, I knew I was in this way over my head. The old sill had rotted to the point it was breeding worms that would crawl straight through and into the house every night. I end up vacuuming desiccated worms and trails each morning. YUCH!

    Brian came to the rescue with the saw. Rather than remove the whole door assembly, we cut the existing threshold in half to remove it. Now the exposed sill could be worried out. It was made of about four pieces of cedar.

    The exposed foundation had a half inch concrete lip running parallel to the door. I was able to chisel it out clearing the way for a single 2x10 to fit in place.

    I cut the 2x10 in half so it slipped under the existing jambs. After a dry fit, the foundation got a healthy dose of caulk. I calked the joint where I cut the 2x10 and hammered them into place. The second piece got a temporary 2x4 screwed onto it so I could hammer it in. Tight fit but I got it done.

    This job tested the limits of my home repair abilities. I still need to hammer the trim back on and hit it with a coat of paint. So far, so good.

    A second thank you to Étienne.
    Door_04 Door_33
    Rexterton 2000 kept watch during my work.

June 28, 2015


    Ballard High School had their BNAAN on June 8th. (Beaver Nation Athletic Awards Night). It was a lot of fun and we all got to dress up.
    At the event, My cross country team was presented a banner for making it to state. This is the first time Ballard Girls Cross Country has made it to state EVER.
    I was nominated for the Female rookie of the year award. I did not win however it was great to be recognized.
    Fellow track and Cross country runner Owen Buck did win male rookie of the year. This year he broke the school record in the 400 meter 5 times! Also he was presented his award by the previous record holder.
    All in all this was a great night where everyone got to recognize other teams achievements this year and I got to see a lot of friends. We all dressed up and had dessert!