November 20, 2013

  • My Office

    Today I needed some quiet time to make a few phone calls and make a few arrangements for Thanksgiving. Although I have an office in our home, I thought a little quiet time with a view would make the day more enjoyable. After dropping the boys at school, I rode the 10 miles to interstate 90 floating bridge. The picture above is looking East and I am about to cross it. That is Mercer Island at the far end.

    The wind on the bridge is very cold and stiff. With temperatures in the low 40′s today, I wore my neoprene booties, full head mask, and ski gloves. There was very little bike traffic on the bridge and only about six pedestrians. The sights are great but the traffic noise is very uncomfortable.

    I found a little public beach on the island with great views and some sunshine to warm up. You can just see the West end of I-90 (above left edge of dock) where the first picture was taken from. I got out my pen, notepad, snack, and water bottle to relax and complete my phone calls.

    I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from Erin Pletsch. This conversation made up for all the other calls I needed to make.

    Here I am sitting in the park, enjoying the view and getting business done. A 15 mile commute (one way) on a sunny day with no traffic. I call this a good day at the office.

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